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April 10, 2018

from idea to product


The quality is important to us. Every single product is made with precise attention to details. It takes time to go from an imagined idea to a ready product. In the process of development every part goes though the process of sketching, modeling and testing until it is perfected. For us it is important that what we make is not only high quality, but also simple, ergonomic and easily transformable. The most crucial part of our designs are using natural materials for the child to feel the most gentle textures and develop a strong connection with the nature.

The wood adds the feeling of warmth, coziness as well as rigidness of the frame. In contrast to that we’re adding the macrame that add the lightness and the feeling of exquisite detail to it. We’re using natural Latvian oak wood and organic cotton cords for weaves. For the pillows we’re using natural linen and cotton fabrics and Latvian traditional filling - buckwheat hulls. Linen fabric material properties like the naturally developing folds and the texture is special to the touch. buckwheat hulls compliments this with adjusting to the body of the baby and creates some sort of a soft white noise for the baby to fall asleep.

All of this is carefully hand crafted, to transfer our love for our design into your home and family.