FLIP bed

FLIP bed

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Flip Bed is a 2in1 gender neutral furniture, perfect furniture for modern and playful nursery. It can be used as a toddler bed with a possibility to move it around the room or as a hanging bed/swing that provides a gentle swing motion by easily flipping two legs. It is a multi-functional furniture that evolves with the playfulness of the kid and is made from high quality natural materials.

Furniture Length: 150 cm; 59,1 Inch

Furniture Width: 74 cm; 29,1 Inch

Furniture Height: 61 cm; 24,0 Inch

Furniture Weight: 20 kg; 44,1 Pound

·         Hanging Bed/Swing for toddler

Suitable for a child from 2 to up to 7 years old

Delivered with certified fixing components

Provides a gentle swing motion

Rope length: 130 ± 40 cm

Adjustable rope length

Fits with mattress: 140 cm; 55,1 Inch x 70 cm; 27,6 Inch

·         Toddler Bed

Suitable for a child from 2 years up to 7 years old

Fits with mattress: 140 cm; 55,1 Inch x 70 cm; 27,6 Inch


Manufactured from high quality birch plywood and 100% cotton ropes

Wooden surface treated with non-toxic, water-based finish

Available in 3 different colors- natural, white and black

Made in EU Latvia

Safety recommendations

Make sure you purchase the suitable product for your child’s age or stage of development

Read the instructions before using any of products

Never leave the child unattended

Child's activity may move product

Never carry the child when he/she is in the product

An adult must assemble the product

Do not use the product if any components are broken or missing

Remember that the product was built so that you or your child's own movements make it swing. Make sure that older children are not allowed to swing the kid too forcefully.

Do not use accessories or replacement parts other than approved by the manufacturer

Keep your Nature King product in good condition

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