Flower press

Flower press

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The best way to preserve the beauty of the garden is with a flower press. In just a few simple steps, turn flower pressing into a favorite spring and summer activity and colourful leave pressing into a favorite autumn activity.  And soon your family will have a collection of pressed flowers and leaves from your garden. Take crafting to a whole new level, a flower press will give the most pristine and perfect dried flowers to create your and your kids artwork.


Size S (A5)

Length: 21 cm; 8,3 in

Width: 14,8 cm; 5,8 in

Height: 6 cm; 2,4 in

Weight: 0,8 kg; 17,6 lbs

Size L (A4)

Length: 29,7 cm; 11,7 in

Width: 21 cm; 8,3 in

Height: 6 cm; 2,4 in

Weight: 1,2 kg; 26,5 lbs

Set = L + 2x S (A5 + 2x A4)

Weight: 2,8 kg; 61,7 lbs

Suitable for kids from 3year old


2 pieces of birch plywood of equal size

Wooden surface treated with non-toxic, water based finish

Comes with 9 pieces of cardboard of equal size

Comes with 4 bolts, 4 washers and 4 wing nuts

Made in EU Latvia

Flower Pressing Tips

Harvest flowers for pressing on dry days. The best time to collect flowers is mid morning after the morning dew has dried.

Get your picked flowers into the press as soon as possible, before they start to wilt, and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Sort your flowers by type and then place them face down into the press. Grouping like flowers together is best because they will dry at the same rate.

Make sure the flowers do not touch each other in the press. Otherwise as they dry they will become stuck together forever.

How to Use a Flower Press

To assemble the press, insert a bolt into each corner of the bottom piece of the press. Layer alternate pieces of cardboard, paper, and flowers or leaves inside the press. The number of layers you use will depend on how many flowers you are pressing.

Place the top piece of wood onto the press by threading the bolts through the holes. Add a washer to each bolt, then top with a wing nut, screwing each one down tight, creating even pressure.

Let Your Flowers Dry In The Press For One Month!

This part requires some patience. Allow your flowers to press, undisturbed, for a full 30 days. If you can’t stand it any longer and want to take a peek sooner, just be extremely careful because checking them too early can result it tearing or wrinkling your flowers!

Safety recommendations

Make sure you purchase the suitable product for your child’s age or stage of development

Read the instructions before using any of products

Never leave the child unattended

Do not use the product if any components are broken or missing

Do not use accessories or replacement parts other than approved by the manufacturer

Keep your Nature King product in good condition

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